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Product & Business Developer

I believe that the strongest factor of success is trust and compassion. Thus, I combine my knowledge in engineering, marketing and business to solve problems and ensure the growth of your business by providing to you digital solutions based on what you are trying to achieve.

Your website should will be


Extra layer of protection against DOS, DDOS, Bruteforce and other common attacks.

Fast Loading Speed

Reduce the total ms required to load the website by optimizing text, images, scripts and other sources.


Be the first google search result by optimizing the content of the website.


Minimize the total MB a user download when load the website is crusial for a good google ranking position.

Responsive Design

Today a website can be accessed from a desktop, an ultrawide screen, a mobile or even a tablet. .

Friendly UI/UX

A bad or good look & feel produce thoughts of a poor company or a great one.

Let's launch your product

Analyze & locate the issue

define the problem & set a goal

Why not ask for an advice and maybe listen to what professional business developers have to say about your problem.You may believe that you need a website but in really you might need a better marketing plan or a pivot in your business. Who knows, all you have to do is ASK and LISTEN.

  • Redefine your vision
  • Set your goal for success
  • Analyze your business
  • Make a plan

Build a mockup

take a look on how the final product will look like

Once the problem is crystal clear, it' s time for the mockup design. Start building a website without a mockup is a huge risk for both sides. If it failes, everyone have lost time and money, so the mockup aims to minimize the risk. Do not underestimate this step and spend some time brainstorming about the final product.

  • Design a solution
  • User and market verifications
  • Brainstorm about the UI/UX

Create your website

design and build an MVP

The mockup and the analysis document define how the website will be designed and developed. The design procedure is all about the UI/UX of the end-user and the development is about the functionallity of the website. The solution might be a simple static website or a more complex dynamic blog. Sometimes its an eshop too! Let 's choose together.'

  • Friendly UI/UX
  • High security
  • Market oriented solutions
  • SEO & content editing included

Validate your market

verify that the solution matches your market needs

Once the product is out there, the most critical part comes. Is your product solving any market needs? Does the end-user have the experience you wanted to have? Last but not least, what about subscribers and daily unique users? There are several questions that have to be asked and the report that I can provide will show what is going on and validate that the product is the best that could be.

  • Market validation
  • Feedback
  • Analytics
  • Revenue

About me

I was born in Athens, Greece at 1990 and aquired my integrated MSc degree in the department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Ioannina, Greece.

As a volunteer, I was chairman of IEEE University of Ioannina Student Branch for about 3 years and also contributed in some opensource projects. As an author I have collaborated with Packt Publishing team and published two technical books about drones (Quadcopters) and IoT (Raspberry Pi).‚Äč Being a freelancer for about 4 years, allowed me to have several fix contract and long term partnerships with individuals, small companies and startups.

Lastly, having all the background as an Engineer and constantly using the validation learning techinque to verify Marketing and Business ideas, I have made a new step in my career as a Product & Business developer which perfectly fit my personal goals.


Custom Work


Registration Form

A simple dark theme registration form, with validation functions in email and password field.


QR Event Verification

A web based system using QR code and API to verify user event registration.


Ticket Platform

Third version of a simple ticket platform that allow you to add, view and get a report of the overall tickets.


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