Hi! I'm Vasilis

BSc student of Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of Ioannina

About Me

I hold a BSc degree of Computer Science and Engineering Department at University of Ioannina. Alongside with my studies, I am the chair of IEEE University of Ioannina Student Branch where I manage a team of 20 volunteers. Also, feel free to have a look at my Github account for more information about my work. Lastly, if you find any of the following tags relevant on what you are seeking for, I am open for collaboration and discussion.


Along my studies, I have developed some projects in various fields. Below I have listed some of them. For more information click on an image.

2 Wheel Mobile Robot

The two wheel mobile robot was developed with the IEEE UOI Student Branch robotics team. It has a 10DOF IMU and sensors for various autonomous applications.

Quadcopter Robot

The quadcopter robot was developed with my collegue Vasilis Megas so we can obtain knowledge at all the hardware constrains a such robot could have. I have also developed a quadcopter simulation based on IBVS.


VraXaPsa a simple teris-like game in OpenGL library. It is the classic game with Scrissors, Rocks and Paper where each one of them 'eat' another. I have also added some extra bombs making this simple game quite interesting. Lastly, it supports even multiplayer.

3D Tetris

3D Tetris is a simple 3D tetris game in OpenGL library developed in C language. The player has various functionalities during the game such as change the view, select cubes or stop the game.

EuroData Analysis

This project is about data visualization using D3. With my collegue Panos Tzivaras we created a database with data from all the Europian countries and the user can plot linechart, barchat and scatterplot according to the selected filters.

Useful Links

Here you can download my presentations and find usefull information about programming and robotics.

Software Development


I am open for any kind of discussions. To get in touch with me, just send an email at v t z i v a r a s (at) gmail.com and you will get back to you.