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I am seeking for an entry level opportunity as System and Network Administrator / IT Business Analyst

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Tzivaras Vasilis

Hi, my name is Vasilis and I was born in Athens, Greece. I hold a MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering and I am former chairman of IEEE University of Ioannina Student Branch. My thesis work concerns quadrotor landing using visual servoing. Furthermore, I love all those weekend projects where I build challenging IoT projects and expand my knowledge in Networks, Robotics and Automation. I am also the author in two technical books about Quadrotor and Raspberry Pi, which were published from Packt Publishing, Birmingham, ​UK. Currently, I am working as Junior Software Engineer, designing and developing software relevant to ERP.​

Leadership Creativity Trustworthness Project Management Teamwork Prototyping



Phoenix is a quadrotor model for research and development purposes. A DIY homemade quadrotor capable of carrying a payload up to 500 grams. It' s flight time is approximately 15min.


A DIY simple mobile robot with 4 wheels, capable of connecting to an android app via bluetooth, implement object avoidance. It is a low cost robot and it was made mostly for research and developement purposes.

3D Tetris Game

3D Tetris is a simple tetris-like game using OpenGL library, developed in C++ language. Each player has various functionalities during the game such as change the view, select cubes or pause the game.


VraXaPsa a simple teris-like game in OpenGL library. It is the classic game with Scrissors, Rocks and Paper where each one of them 'eat' another. I have also added some extra bombs making this simple game quite interesting.

Quick Recipient

A quick recipient software was designed and developed using Adobe Animate CC software. IT is cross platform and communicates with MySQL database to create a new recipient or get an old one.

EuroData Visualizer

Builded from scratch, using just HTML5, CSS3, JS some PHP and a MySQL database, EuroData Web Visualizer is a simple project were the user can select some fields, create a query and retrieve the data from the database. Furthermore, using D3 library we visualize those data with graphs.

Ticket Service

A simple ticket service from scratch, developed in HTML5, PHP, JQuery. All the data are stored in MySQL dtabase. The user is able to create a new ticket, edit, search or view the statistics of the latest month.


Goffee is a smart way of ordering your daily coffee. It was created in HTML5, CSS3 and it is communicating with a MySQL database to store your preferences and lsiten to incoming orders.

Home Automation

Using DIY arduino based sensors and boards, I have builded a home automation solution where I can control my sensors and get notifications about the status of my home.



Build a Quadcopter with Arduino

Design, build, and fly your personal quadcopter using market electronics to capture incredible photographs and record phenomenal videos

ISBN: 9781785281846

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RPI Zero W Wireless Projects

Go mobile with the world' s smaller microprocessor and build DIY wireless projects using the Raspberry Pi Zero W board.

ISBN: 9781788290524

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Title: "Autonomous quadrotor landing using Visual Servoing"

My diploma thesis concern, the research about a well known issue in aerial robots. The landing procedure is a hard to solve problem due to many factors such as enviroment. It is a problem where SpaceX, NASA and DJI a leader company in UAV is against when trying to land a UAV or even a rocket. I first designed a quadrotor model in MATLAB, to simulate a simple landing procedure. I then developed a more advanced landing procedure using air destarbances and the final target was moving with a steady linear velocity.

Phase 1 - Study of dynamic and kinematic model

In the first phase I studied several papers about the dynamic and kinematic model of a quadrotor. The dynamic model define all the forces which act in the physical quadrotor and the kinematic model define all the equations that are used to describe the quadrotor movement.

Phase 2 - Simulation

In the seconds phase I start the coding procedure, using MATLAB software to create a simple demo on how a quadrotor can landing on a steady and a moving target. No framework or library was used, all the code was developed by scratch using the dynamic and kinematic model as said above.

Phase 3 - First Prototype

The need of a first prototype started here. Using Ardupilot 2.8, Arduino Mega and a Raspberry Pi 3 , I builded a prototype that was able to identity points of interest and output a relevant velocity in 4 axis.

Phase 4 - Visual Servoing

The part of Visual servoing and image processing was studied as a different project due to hardware incompatibility and low budget. I have developed an 4 points detection algorithm that retunrs the desired linear velocities of the robot.

Phase 5 - Final work

In this part I mostly fix bugs and incompatibility issues. Theoretically, the phase 4 and phase 3 should be enough, but in reality nothing goes as you planned, so I did w/e it takes to make it work.

My final presentation is available in [GR] language. Download it from here


Drop me an email at vtzivaras [at] gmail [dot] com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.